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August 10, 2022

Mission Statement

Backbone Networks Europe is an Internet Operator for advanced customers, currently based in Espoo, Finland. We provide capacity, advanced services, hosting and co-location for customers who find bulk Internet Access services limited and need more.

We differ from bulk operators in many ways - we promise to hire top skilled professionals who you actually can get contact to, have better network quality through less overbooking, more redundancy through multiple transits and open peering policy. We do not have transparent proxies, NATs and other middlewares breaking up your connectivity. We may not be the cheapest solution - if you just need a DSL and couple of mailboxes, you probably find cheaper service from more visible operators.

About Us

Backbone Networks Europe was founded in 1999 by two Internet Professionals with long-time experience in the market and wide contact network. This is the company which you still can call and ask difficult routing questions without going through 10-level barrier of sales and end-user support people, and exactly this was the reason to set up the company in the first place. The market very obviously had a hole in this area.

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